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Free Google My Business Course in 2021


BPO Agency in Bangladesh

Free Google My Business Course in 2021


Here are the basic steps in fully optimizing a GMB listing. The sections below go into detail on each step.

  1. Claim or create a Google My Business listing
  2. Verify your listing to prove it’s for a legitimate business
  3. Setup users with proper access to your account
  4. Optimize your business information (name, address, phone, hours, categories, etc.)
  5. Add photos, videos, and virtual tours
  6. Add products, services, or menu as appropriate.
  7. Pre-populate Q&A on your listing.
  8. Setup a welcome offer and use Google Posts regularly.
  9. Consider enabling Google Assistant and/or direct messaging.
  10. Consider enabling Reserve with Google if appropriate.
  11. Create a GMB website as another citation for your business.
  12. Link your GMB listing to Google Ads and /or Google Merchant Center.
  13. Encourage, monitor, and respond to reviews.
  14. Check and update your listing regularly.
  15. Get support for GMB questions, problems, or suspensions.

13 GMB Optimization Strategies:

  1. Claim your Business Profile
  2. Complete every section of your Google My Business account
  3. Be meticulous with contact information
  4. Select primary and secondary categories
  5. Mark off applicable attributes
  6. Write a complete “from the business” description
  7. Publish Google posts weekly
  8. Upload new photos weekly
  9. Answer questions
  10. Collect and respond to reviews
  11. Add your products and/or services
  12. Set up messaging
  13. Maintain your Business Profile

আপনার মনে কোন প্রশ্ন আছে? অথবা আমাদের থেকে কল পেতে চান?


তাহলে নিচের ফরমটি পুরন করুন, আমরা আপনার সাথে যোগাযোগ করবো, ইংশাআল্লাহ! আপনি আমাদেরকে ০১৭১৬ ৯৮৮ ৯৫৩ / ০১৯১২ ৯৬৬ ৪৪৮ এই নাম্বারে কল করতে পারেন, অথবা ইমেল করতে পারেন hi@mahbubosmane.com এই ইমেলে, আমরা আপনাকে কোনভাবে সাহায্য করতে পারলে খুশি হব, ধন্যবাদ ।

    মাহবুবওসমানী.কম এর সার্ভিস সমূহঃ


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