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Short & Long Time Digital Bushiness Plan

Short Time Digital Bushiness PlanShort Time Digital Bushiness Plan

  1.  Digital Training Center/institute: 


  • Well Decorated Class Room With Computer & Ac-  { initial Costing – 2.5 lakh BDT, if the office is not available, we can consider Monjur Bhai’s Office or Osmanie’s Office( not well decorated) } 
  • Experience Instructor ( Monthly Costing, Per instructor minimum 20000 BDT, as we are expert we will be able to handle it) 
  • At least one marketing person for getting students and maintain them.. ( Salary, minimum: 20000/ Month, )
  • Have to build one online education portal (the minimum cost 50,000 BDT) + Monthly hosting & maintenance cost though it is minimum.
  • Need one video maker & editor to edit & upload the video of every class. (  Salary, minimum: 30000/ Month)
  • Total initial Cost More or Less 3 lakh BDT, Monthly Cost 50,000 BDT ( Minimum ), Very risky and have hassle in business, Low possibility to maximize profit.


  • Client Project: ( easier to do )



  • No initial cost, as we can work from home and own pc, we already have this basic setup
  • 2 person will be needed to search for the jobs & to communicate with the client ( salary:  25000 * 2 = 50000, the interview will be faced by Monjur ( Technical ) & Osmane ( Marketing )
  • Monthly 50-80 USD software/hosting cost to maintain a portfolio or email marketing cost.
  • I do prefer 2nd one, less cost,  have the option to maximize profit. 
  • Total initial Cost More almost none, Monthly Cost 50,000/60,000 BDT per month, Low risk, have less hassle in business, the high possibility to maximize profit.  We will be able to save money to start some passive business, ingshaAllah.


Long Time Digital Bushiness Plan


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